The wiuwiu.de XMPP server is one of many decentralised XMPP networks. On this XMPP server, data protection and secure connections have a very high priority. Exactly the right place for modern, secure and privacy-friendly instant messaging. Go to XMPP


Hastebin is a web-based service for storing and sharing text and code snippets and can be useful in many situations. And if you prefer to use an open source solution for this, Hastebin has you covered. Hastebin's web interface is easy to use and provides you with commands to create a new text snippet, save the current snippet and open existing snippets for editing. Go to Hastebin


Seafile gives you access to your files - regardless of location and device. With Seafile, you have a central data repository and can access your files around the clock. Via your PC, notebook or smartphone. With Seafile you can share your documents, photos and files easily and conveniently with others. Synchronise your data with the Seafile client - so your data is always up to date on multiple devices. Go to Cloud Hosting

Docker & Kubernetes

I am available for trainings for Docker & Kubernetes. If you would like to dive into the modern world of Cloud & Co., possibly containerize an existing project or application, then just get in touch with me. I'll be happy to show you how to get started with Docker and accompany you during the implementation of your project. Contact me