29. March 2023

Flag for deletion

I'd like to give you a quick update regarding the verification of XMPP accounts on wiuwiu.de. The verification process has been ongoing for two weeks to ensure service quality and protect you from unwanted bots and spam. Unverified accounts are now marked for deletion. If your account is affected, you've already received a message with a verification link. Please complete the verification process as soon as possible to prevent your account from being deleted. You'll be informed later about the exact date of the deletion. If you have any questions or issues with the verification, don't hesitate to contact me.
18. March, 2023

Unicode usernames

We are pleased to announce that usernames with characters from various languages and writing systems are now allowed. This means that you can now use usernames that include not only Latin characters but also characters from other writing systems. The following characters are supported: カタカナ (Katakana), 中文 (Chinese), кирилица (Cyrillic).
15. March 2023

XMPP Verification

Due to numerous reports of bots on the XMPP server, on 15 March 2023 I sent each user an individual message with a verification link. To complete the verification, simply click on the link, solve the captcha and click 'Verify Now'. That is all you need to do. Please make sure that the message is actually from 'verification@wiuwiu.de' before clicking on the link.
10. March 2023

New Website

I'm excited to share that I've completely rebuilt the website to make it faster and more reliable. You may notice some small changes in the UI, but I've kept the design familiar and easy to use. Additionally, I'm thrilled to announce that I now offer an English version of wiuwiu.de, making it easier for even more users to enjoy the services of wiuwiu.de!
09. March 2023

XMPP Update

The XMPP server has been updated to Prosody 0.12.3.